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Obama WILL win

Hold on to your coffee cup: Obama wins easily.

Why do I say this? Because Republicans and their Tea Party mistress have tried 50 different ways to blame and tag President Obama for failing to improve the economy but to no avail. Republicans are a day late and a dollar short, as usual.

Another problem for the Republicans is that the economy has turned around. Any of you who don't live in ivory towers have seen the change every time you walk out the door. People are having a good time again, eating out, partying 'til the break of dawn, shopping, spending money. There are even stats to go along with this consummate turnaround: The housing market is making a comeback after years in hiatus; housing prices and sales are up around the country; stock markets have surged to the highest point in years; car sales are up, retail sales are up, and construction workers are back on the job.

So, my question is, who are you going to believe: (Mitt) Romney and Republican lies or your own eyes and common sense?

Ron Lowe

Nevada City

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