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Obama the all powerful?

Bob Galletta claims (Feb. 28) that President Obama is "dismantling the Constitution," using as "proof" the numerous court decisions by "left-wing liberal judges" that various state laws banning gay marriage are unconstitutional. Those decisions have generally been based on either the 14th Amendment enacted in 1868 or the "full faith and credit clause" of our Constitution enacted in 1787. (By the way, I, too, disagree theologically with gay marriage, but the Constitution is not Scripture).

Would those "left-wing" judges he mentions be the Kentucky and California federal judges appointed by President Bush, Sr., or the Texas and Oklahoma federal judges appointed by President Clinton (all of whom were approved by the Senate and serve for life, so I wonder how President Obama could influence them)? Or were those judges on the Iowa Supreme Court, which decided unanimously in April 2009 that the Iowa gay marriage ban violated the Iowa State Constitution? Or the New Mexico Supreme Court, which unanimously found the New Mexico ban unconstitutional? And if President Obama is so all powerful and dictatorial, why can he not get Congress to do anything?

Help me here. Please 'splain all the above.

Conni Barker

Penn Valley

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