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Obama proven to be excellent president

On Saturday I read — once again — a diatribe from the same Penn Valley writer who has posted numerous letters over the past five years trashing President Obama. And once again, I ask The Union why letters are printed without even a basic filter for truth?

I would like to remind the Penn Valley writer that in his memoir "Decision Points," President Bush writes that his advisors were telling him unemployment could reach 19 percent — and that he … "felt like the captain of a sinking ship" by the end of his presidency.

I would also like to remind your readers that The Great Depression lasted more than 12 years and ended only when we entered into World War II. In 2008, the stock market lost 40 percent of its value and most economists (including President Bush's advisers) were talking about an economic downturn equivalent to the Great Depression. In fact, the argument for keeping Ben Bernanke as head of the Federal Reserve centered on his scholarship of the Great Depression. And finally, the 1990s are known as "the lost decade" in Japan because of negative growth during their great recession. After just five years, we are recovering.

I like this president. I think he has done an admirable job of handling the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. I think he has proven to be an excellent Commander-in-Chief, and a wonderful example of a father and a husband. But most of all, I admire the way he has handled all of the garbage thrown his way.

Like the majority of Americans who voted in 2008 and 2012, I cast my vote for Barack Obama, and he serves as president because of those majorities. To those who didn't get what they wanted in those elections … well, that's the way democracy works. Get over it.

David M. Chapman

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