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Obama film lacks moral compass

After watching 2016 the new documentary on Barack Obama, I felt compelled to express my opinion.

This incredibly slick film harps of Nazi Germany film propaganda in its dogmatic approach to destroyany preconceived notions you may or may not have had about Barack Obama. The story, a mixture of truths and outright lies, is told by a person of similar race, gender, age and education as Obama, thus leading you to believe this story teller has a firm grasp of the psychology of Barack.

Nothing could be further from the truth, rather what is exposed is the filmmaker's agenda, which is something told daily by right-wing radio shows across the country: "Obama is an American hating communist and the only reason people voted for him was so that they would not be considered prejudice." I was reminded by the theatre attendant that the theatre had previously shown films by Michael Moore in what could be considered a political balancing fashion. However, this is the President of the United States, who happens to represent the American people, being turned into an animal of unknown origin by savvy filmmakers for political gain.

I guess we've lost our moral compass.

Steven Smith

Grass Valley

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