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Obama administration ‘most corrupt of all time’

Ron Lowe would like everybody to drop the Benghazi incident and write it off as another "phony scandal."

Wrong Ron! Republicans are not the "party of no" as you state, but rather the party of truth! They merely want to know why the Benghazi mission was there, why those murdered received no assistance, and why the massacre was blamed on a video when it was known all along it had much to do with the 9/11 anniversary. Real American citizens died as a result of this administrations' failures. As with all the Obama administration's scandals, there are lies being told by the president and his minions.

Why is it now more important to save a Muslim sympathizer who deserted his unit (Bergdahl) than to save four good red-blooded Americans? Why was an exchange for five terrorists necessary? Could Obama be working to free his Muslim friends? Obama's entire presidency has been based on lies and deception. He lied as a campaigner and lies about each scandal.

This administration will go down historically as the worst and most corrupt of all time. It will take decades to repair the damage done.

Jeff Loberg

Penn Valley

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