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Obama accomplishments

After three and a half years of Obama's presidency here are just some of his accomplishments:

– 15 to 18 percent real unemployment.

– $16 trillion deficit (U.S. record).

– U.S. dropped to seventh in global competitiveness.

– 260,000 fewer jobs.

– 150,000 more federal workers.

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– 12,500,000 Americans unemployed.

– 47 million Americans on food stamps (U.S. record).

– Annual household incomes down $4,300.

– Fuel prices doubled and soaring.

– Hundred of thousands of home foreclosures.

– Over 40 million Americans living at the poverty level.

– College costs up 30 percent.

– Clinton's work requirements stripped from welfare.

– Health-care costs sky rocketing in spite of Obamacare.

– Personal wealth down 30 percent.

– Thousands of new regulations and restrictions on businesses and agriculture forcing out- sourcing to China and other countries.

– Manufacturing at lowest point in three years.

– Dramatic cutbacks in defense spending.

– Abandonment of support for Israel.

– EPA granted more power than Congress.

– Divisiveness at an all-time high, pitting Americans against each other.

– Restrictions on religion freedoms.

– Disregard for America's Constitution.

– Presidential "arrogance of power" never witnessed in American history.

Believe it or not some Americans "hope" Obama will "change." Well it ain't gonna happen guys. Stop "hoping"and "change" America before it's too late. Choose to restore America's greatness.

Bob Webster lives in Penn Valley.

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