NU sting the right thing to do |

NU sting the right thing to do

The recent drug bust at Nevada Union has created quite a stir in the community, and as a senior at Nevada Union, I feel that my opinion is warranted.

I feel the actions taken by NU administration and GVPD were appropriate and necessary. Those students involved with drug dealing were breaking the law even when they weren't at school. The fact that only dealers were arrested at school makes it clear that the message was drugs cannot be dealt on campus, and there will no longer be toleration for it.

Many people have made claims that the lives of students arrested are ruined and that the measures taken were too dramatic. Well, we all know when you break the law there are consequences, and just because they are students does not make them above the law. Also, their punishment may be the catalyst that causes them to change their lives for the better. It is not impossible to rebuild your life with a record.

Making school a safer place is always a necessity, and that is what NU was doing in this situation. I agree with these actions 100 percent and hope that further actions are taken to reduce drugs on campus.

Meaghan O'Connor, NU senior

Grass Valley

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