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NU football program unfairly criticized

First of all, shame on The Union for allowing an ill-informed person to be a guest opinion writer in the paper.

Second, as a person with direct knowledge of the football program, I find Jim Black's comments on the Opinion page disturbing. I find them disturbing because Mr. Black is out of touch with the program. It would be beneficial to your readers to know that Mr. Black is not directly involved with day-to-day operations of the program and cannot make an accurate assessment of what is really going on. For a person who was not around the program that much this summer and then stopped coming to practices after two weeks of the regular season, Jim sure thinks he knew a lot about what was going on within the change of the program.

It is really easy for a person to attack the program based on what the scoreboard says, but it would take a person with real insight to the program to know what the perceived problems are and how to fix them.

Brad Dal Bon

Grass Valley