NU bust a must for school’s well being |

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NU bust a must for school’s well being

I am writing concerning the drug bust at NU. I believe it was extremely necessary to the school's well being.

As a student at Nevada Union High School, I had begun to notice the prevalent drug culture taking over the campus. While some feel the means taken to punish the students that were dealing drugs were too harsh, I feel it was the only way the school could truly make its message clear. A school campus is not the place for any kind of drugs, and by no means the place to deal it. Younger students will be introduced to drugs and this kind of culture at far too young an age, and if the school didn't take control of the situation the age would just get younger.

I hope this can give an insight into the drug bust and how it will benefit the school.

Kaylie Brooks, NUHS student

Nevada City