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NSA’s continued illegal surveillance unacceptable

NSA's continued illegal surveillance unacceptable

I am sure most people have seen or heard of the vandalism at the Lincoln Memorial. Coverage of the green paint on the memorial is all over the news.

But have you seen or heard any coverage of the 217 members of the House of Representatives who vandalized our Constitution? They voted to fund the NSA's continued illegal surveillance of American citizens' phone and email. They must have forgotten about the oath of office they took to support and defend the Constitution. Don't they realize the Fourth Amendment is part of the Constitution, or at least it was.

This destruction of the Fourth Amendment was a bipartisan effort, with 134 Republicans and 83 Democrats voting to fund NSA surveillance. Twelve members didn't vote, not wanting to take a stand.

It's ironic that everyone was following the birth of the new Prince George. The Fourth Amendment was the result of King George's open warrants that allowed British troops to search the colonist's homes and person at will.

Donn Coenen, chairman

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