Nowhere to sit for a spell |

Nowhere to sit for a spell

Walking up the trail last summer from Salvation Army to the library, my friend and I were stopped by a woman, well dressed and carrying a back pack. She asked: "Can I sit down and have some lunch?"

My friend and I, having lived here since 1990, paused … momentarily … then the lady said: "I am a tourist from Germany and everywhere I try to sit to eat my sandwich, the police are bothering me."

While Grass Valley, at least the downtown, might have moved the homeless out and made it nice and safe and pretty to look at, we have not created a welcome atmosphere here. It is all shop. shop, go, go, drink wine, spend money.

In Reno, Truckee, Tahoe City and South Lake Tahoe, there are benches and parks and places for families to enjoy. Hey, even Elisabeth Daniels Park is locked up now by the Downtown Association. The park behind the library is inaccessible, Memorial Park is crime ridden, and who knows what goes on now at Condon Park?

Grass Valley and Nevada City — your policies are driving people away, right on by the Dorsey Drive interchange or not.

Lauren Friedel

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