Now wonder STEM math is confusing |

Now wonder STEM math is confusing

Our education crisis in America has spawned a new acronym: STEM for science, technology, engineering and math. Our government and politicians are not helping. The public is told that unemployment is at 6.1 percent. It is greater than 15 percent.

For years we've been told the "illegal" population in America is 11 million. The true number is north of 14 million.

Dr. Janet Yellen is yelling that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FED) can't seem to achieve a 2 percent inflation rate to enable the FED to move on certain goals. Inflation is around 6 percent when one buys food and gas.

News articles put the California population at 37 million. It's over 40M when all the "illegals" are counted.

In sum, the mathematics is like this: 6.1 = 15; 11 = 14; 2 = 6; 37 = 40. No wonder our youth finds difficulty with the "M" in STEM.

Ron Knaus

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