Not very neighborly |

Not very neighborly

I am a 60-year-old disabled woman who has lived here for five years. Each and every day I smile and wave to neighbors, some of whom I've not met. I am a good person and when I was young and healthy I did volunteer work for people and animals. I have never intentionally hurt any person or creature.

Imagine my shock recently when a neighbor man stood in my front yard viciously yelling at me to "Go back where you came from! Go back to L.A.! You're hated and not welcome here!" I left out his liberal use of the "F" word. His ranting lasted five minutes. He finally turned back the way he had come, spewing pure hatred until he was out of sight. The hatred was so ugly I started to cry. I never cry.

My family has been here since the 1600s; they have fought and died to create, preserve, and protect America and all who are blessed to live here. I only wish peace and love for every being on earth. Why are we "outsiders" so hated by some locals? Be kind. Life is short.

Sharon Oppendike

Nevada City

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