Not that hard to get by without plastic bags |

Not that hard to get by without plastic bags

My apologies to the person who wrote the letter entitled, "Keep the government out of my plastic bag."

Apparently they haven't been around children lately or don't recall their own childhood. There's no "using young children to push" banning plastic bags. You provide children with objective information, they ask good questions, you answer the best you can, and they come to their own conclusions.

And about media stories on people getting sick because reuse bags become contaminated — if you're a good parent, and especially a good educator, you look into the reporting together. I did, and it's called Google. Look to studies based on objective scientific research, not sponsored by the plastic industry. I find it odd — the concern over contamination from reusable bags. Has anyone questioned purses and where they're placed and the contamination factor? Best not go there.

When it comes to this simple task, no one is telling you how to live your life. A child would ask what you used before plastic bags — paper or reusable as my grandmother did, and she lived until well over 90. And yes, as a child would easily agree, you do want to occasionally wash your reusable bag.

Paul B. Elias

Nevada County

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