Norton Lehner: LaMalfa is listening to his constituents |

Norton Lehner: LaMalfa is listening to his constituents

In response to Stan Thomas-Rose's May 17 letter regarding my April 26 op-ed "One nation — divided", Mr. Thomas-Rose criticized the manner in which I described the behavior of the protestors at the LaMalfa town hall meeting, while seeming to defend the equally offensive remarks and obnoxious behavior of the mob.

I was hopeful of a civil and fair-minded exchange. The mob prevented that.

In no way was the mob's behavior as benevolent as The Union and other contributors have reported. Headlines such as "democracy in action" and "intimate afternoon" are gross misrepresentations. I believe my column, intentionally harsh, more accurately depicted the proceedings.

Contrary to the opinion of the raucous minority, Mr. LaMalfa is listening to his constituents, most of whom do not share the views of the mob.

Mr. LaMalfa is standing by the platform that got him elected and re-elected twice. He has an obligation to do so. I believe that his constituents, including the minority, also have an obligation to show him the respect his office deserves.

That respect, and Mr. Thomas-Rose's call for "thoughtful consideration," were profoundly absent from the town hall meeting.

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