Norm Sauer: Bernie’s single-payer boondoggle |

Norm Sauer: Bernie’s single-payer boondoggle

Socialist Bernie Sanders was in San Francisco selling "Medicare for All" last week to a supportive crowd sponsored by various unions. Bernie's "Medicare for all" is government-dominated (single-payer) health care.

If you care about the quality and availability of health care in the U.S. you'd better run from government-domination for it leads to scarcity and rationing.

Scarcity, like Veterans Administration long wait times now being addressed by offering our veterans non-government health care provider options. And, like food lines and starvation under Venezuela's socialist regime being addressed by eating pets and military crackdowns. And, like Great Britain's government refusing to pay for treatment that one's doctor thinks best for one's health.

Government dominated health care is too expensive.

Vermont abandoned single payer health care when Democrat Gov. Shumlin realized he'd have to raise the state's payroll taxes to 11.5 percent and set premiums at nearly 10 percent of people's income.

And, our far-left California legislature dropped single payer this year determining it to be wildly expensive.

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In addition, Medicare and Medicaid inefficiency loses 70 to 110 million dollars yearly to fraud.

Prognosis for single payer: "Eventually you run out of other people's money." (Margaret Thatcher) Then you have nothing.

Norm Sauer

Nevada City

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