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No united families; no United States

As goes the way of the family, so goes the way of the country. No united families, no United States.

I read every day the political debates and the pundits' evaluations on the symptoms of our dying country but rarely of the root causes — the demise of the American family being the quintessential.

Though the government tries to fill the void with programs and systems, and the need and intentions are valid, there is no outside replacement of an actual loving family that will work to fill the void. We see daily the consequences for our youth: involved in gangs, drugs and mass shootings, to name a few. Since our programs lack the security of a loving family, our young lash out and become irrational.

Our courts support this demise by making it possible for one or both spouses, for any reason under the sun, to end a marriage, thereby destroying a family. But the bottom line comes down to society itself. Just because the availability of easy divorce exists, it still takes the individual person or couple to decide that the integrity of a lifelong commitment can be torn asunder because they're not up to the responsibilities that come with a lifelong relationship.

Their temporary personal happiness is more important than the integrity of their matrimonial commitment. Regardless of the reasons, the consequence of such a self-centered perspective remains the same: no united families, no United States.

Steve Lolli

Grass Valley