No professionalism here |

No professionalism here

I had a complete knee replacement in December 2011 here in Grass Valley. I have experienced pain since then.

The doctor said he examined my knee around March 2012. I walked into his office at nine months and told the staff the pain was worse and what could I do about it. They said to try an Ace bandage. Didn't help.

I had an appointment Dec. 17, 2012. Just prior to that appointment, someone in the office called and asked if I would do them a favor and let them change the appointment to a later date because one of the nurses wanted to go on vacation. I said no, I have a lot of pain, and I want my knee looked at.

Two days later they called and changed it anyway to Jan. 28. I considered going to the ER but went to my GP, and they examined it, and said they thought the operation had come loose and sent me to a different orthopedic surgeon. They X-rayed it and agreed with her and said I would have to have the operation all over again.

Wonder if the doctor knows that she a delayed a patient's appointment by almost five weeks after I told her about the pain? Wonder what the legality is?

Chuck Cicogni

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