NO on Proposition 31 |

NO on Proposition 31

The most dangerous California initiative is Proposition 31, and its real intent and consequences are hidden in the fine print.

It's called "The Government Performance and Accountability Act."

Section 7 requires local government budgets, expenditures and investments to be measured against the 3s of Sustainable Development/UN Agenda 21: Economy (government favoritism), Equity (wealth redistribution), and Environment (control).

Section 8 provides monetary incentives and regulatory relief for local entities (counties, cities, school boards, etc.) that regionalize and form Strategic Action Plans to share property tax revenue in compliance with the 3Es. Tax sharing means central government-collected, locally-shared taxes, or "redistribution" without representation.

Regionalism necessarily precedes global governance. Prop. 31 benefactor and billionaire Nicolas Berggruen founded the NBI 21st Century Council "to address gaps in global governance." Its mission boasts "the sustainability of globalization itself."

Sponsor California Forward's co-chair Robert Hertzberg is affiliated with NBI and, like Berggruen, is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Their intent is clear.

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Proposition 31 embeds regionalism and the 3Es into the California Constitution and would kill off representative local government. The Legislative Analyst states its fiscal effects "cannot be predicted" and "could be significant."

Vote no on Prop. 31.

Judi Caler

Nevada City

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