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No new shopping center

In response to James Coe's letter on March 4 regarding a purposed new shopping center:

Mr. Coe is clearly oblivious about how today's youth really work. His solution to keep kids off drugs and out of jail is to build another shopping center. Really?

Today's youth are doing drugs because they want to; they are in jail because they got caught. The majority (not all) have zero motivation to go get a job, not because there are none available. Why would they want to when they can sit at home and suckle off the unemployment teat?

Being born and raised in Grass Valley for the last 29 years, I can speak from a true local's point of view that we certainly do not want a shopping center built up here. We like our small-town charm even if it is "decaying," as you say. Mr. Coe, if you really need the convenience of a big city shopping center, I suggest you start looking for real estate down the hill.

I hear Roseville has some beautiful concrete lots for sale.

Adam Litke

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