No need for guns that kill many people in seconds |

No need for guns that kill many people in seconds

In response to Sue Jeffrey's letter on gun control, I am not a fanatic either but I have had guns all my life. My job when I was growing up was to keep the freezer full. This was part of our food supply. Hunting was part of my life. Yes, you have aright to own a gun the same as I do, but owning and assault rifle is not necessary. I never had a problem with a bolt action or a pump taking care of things and I have hunted everything from ducks to moose. If a person has practiced with a gun, one shot is enough. We don't need a gun that is designed to kill many persons in seconds.

I have lost friends and family as a result of guns so I understand how those Sandy Hook parents feel and I think that they made their own decision to go to Washington, D.C. and were not persuaded by anyone to do so. Even if they were, it was the right thing to do. Remember if the assault weapon bill had not been allowed to run out, Adam Lanza's mother would not have been able to purchase those weapons. It is high time to put more restrictions on these types of weapons.

Milton McConnell

Grass Valley

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