No evidence of objective science in Left-wing agenda |

No evidence of objective science in Left-wing agenda

Regarding the letter, "Left Wing Agenda" by Denis Simard on Feb. 13 — excellent and accurate about SCRCL's Film Festival and leftist agenda.

Glad to see someone else is discovering Green reality and why they are regarded as watermelons. Take it from someone who spent decades representing business interests in the public policy arena, dealing with dozens of environmental organizations — you are correct; there is no evidence of objective, balanced science … only fervent, unilateral dogma- and inciting our children with it and anyone else. It is the true dictionary meaning of propaganda, regardless of their particular purpose. Their overall agenda is the same; very dangerous to freedom-loving Americans.

Don't want to believe it? Read any number of books by Ron Arnold, starting with "Set Up And Sold Out." They may shock you off of your complacent apathy.

Ken Davis

Grass Valley

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