NID tactics not so admirable |

NID tactics not so admirable

The real issue is, can Nevada County afford any more stupidity? For over 20 years, I have heard our area's agencies play the same old tune: "It is that other guy's responsibility!"

Then, when you are caught in your own quagmire, you gush so much compassion and sympathy for the guy you tried to shaft.

Now this time, it happens to be our local organic food farmers! Talk about hitting us residents in the stomach with the same old, same old, same old! NID is playing this dense-headed game and would not even attempt a temporary fix to its system, resulting in the devastation of SunSmile Farm. Unbelievable!

You water experts could not even think to shut the water off for a day, ram a smaller pipe through that line for a temporary fix, sparing the road? Unbelievable!

I just cannot wait to read your forthcoming, inventive, canny, conniving and completely unintelligent reasons for why this would not have worked! NID, your tenacity for stubborn, ignorant, backwards tactics never ceases to amaze me! Do we get to vote you guys into your positions? If so, I will remember, and take up the cry, "Never again!"

From an organic food lover and SunSmile customer,

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