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Nice write-up on Spencer McClay

Great article on our friend Spencer McClay by Christopher Rosacker (Feb. 23)!

I and many others have "rubbed shoulders" with Spence at St. Pats over the years. He is a fellow parishioner who charitably shares his dedication and ebullient personality as a cook, server, acolyte, dishwasher (as I am), and faithful "Sir Knight." We know Spence as a man of faith, joy energy and humility who is always nearby as the "go to guy" if a helping hand or the voice of experience is needed. We coworkers are always livened-up by his presence at the liturgical services and fund-raising events. It is an uplifting reflection on the Grass Valley community, as well, that Spence likes living here, and is doing so well. Artistic talent abounds here, and Spence stands out as one of our brighter stars.

We rejoice in his success, and thank him for the service to the parish that he cheerfully provides, and the enhancement to the community that results from his many involvements.

Richard J. Borlik

Penn Valley