New state gun law proposals may be unconstitutional |

New state gun law proposals may be unconstitutional

True believers on both sides of the gun control issue often call for the use of common sense, which always falls short of resolving the issue, because what is sensible to one side makes no sense at all to the other.

The current nationwide battle is being waged over ways to prevent another Aurora theater shooting or Sandy Hook school massacre and is centered around creating laws to control the sale of assault style rifles and high-capacity magazines used in both tragic events.

None of the more than eight million California gun owners were involved in either shooting, and assault-style weapons and hi-cap magazines are already banned here, but the California legislature is working on new state laws intended to:

1. Ban all semi-auto rifles with detachable magazines; 2. Ban possession of high-capacity magazines; 3. Require yearly safety certification for handgun buyers; 4. Require universal registration of all firearms; 5. Require a background check and permit to buy ammunition; and 6. Ban shotgun/rifle combinations.

My common sense tells me none of the above actions would prevent an Aurora or Sandy Hook; some may be unconstitutional, and are just plain wrong.

Richard Tatum

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