New shopping center plan based on greed |

New shopping center plan based on greed

It seems that it is pure greed by the landowner who wants to build an unnecessary, environmentally incongruous, anti-small town shopping center at Dorsey Drive and Highway 49. I am so proud to take visitors to Grass Valley and Nevada City until we drive through the Brunswick area. Then, I so am embarrassed that past area managers allowed such an ugly, environmentally detrimental, seemingly unplanned building frenzy blight to occur.

Shopping options have changed mainly due to the Internet. No amount of brick-and-mortar construction will change that. However, it should also be noted that the smaller local mom-and-pop book and video stores have out-survived the big box ones and these businesses utilize older buildings. It has been stated that most vacant buildings will imminently have new tenants, but I look around at all the long-term vacant buildings on East Main Street alone and wonder if that statement is true.

Regardless, there are many large lots that have had problem structures condemned/removed in recent years that should be required to be utilized, as a compromise, long before even considering construction on ground that has not been built on or at least not in many, many years.

Mary Furney

Grass Valley

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