New email scam circulating |

New email scam circulating

A few months ago I started getting emails telling me to get in touch with my payroll department right away.

Since I am retired, I just deleted the email.

A few weeks ago I received another email telling me the bank had foreclosed on my home, and I needed to get out right away. I called my bank and everything was all right with my account. Also, I called the sheriff's department and they told me it sounded like a scam to them. The sender wanted me to answer so they could get all my information. I get about three emails a week, each one getting a little more threatening. Then I got an email that I had a court date in Alaska.

The next day I received an email telling me I had a court date in Stockton. A few days later I received an email that I had a court date in Newport News. After a good laugh, I was able to get through to Stockton's court system. There is an opening statement on the website about all the scams that are circulating. I wanted everyone to know about this scam. If you get a notice to move out, check with your bank and then delete the email. I am so fed up with these people I have a new email address and guard it closely.

Evelyn Allison

Grass Valley

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