Nevada Union group strives for environmental responsibility |

Nevada Union group strives for environmental responsibility

I am a student at the high school and the vice president of the newly formed Environmental Committee of Nevada Union. The committee is a group of students striving to make our community more environmentally responsible and active.

It is very important that our community do everything to have less environmental impact. Currently, Nevada City is drafting and instituting a bag ordinance. This ordinance will ban single-use plastic bags, and stores will put a fee on paper bags. However, Grass Valley will not be even considering such an ordinance until July. The bag ban in Grass Valley is incredibly important and should not be left for consideration until July.

In California, 13 million plastic bags are used each year; only 3 percent are recycled. This means that 97 percent are being thrown away into our oceans, harming millions of marine life species. Instituting a bag ban in our community will help reduce this pollution and also reduce natural resource usage from production. I urge all community members to let it be known that we need this ordinance in Grass Valley. The students and community are behind this, and we hope that our voices will be heard.

Zoe Brownwood

Nevada City

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