Nevada County needs a year-round public pool |

Nevada County needs a year-round public pool

Recently, I read an article in The Union newspaper about plans to construct a new aquatic center in Truckee.

When I moved to Nevada City 12 years ago, I was dismayed that there was no lap swimming available to the public year-round. As a lifelong swimmer, I depend on access to a pool during winter as well summer months.

Although I have adapted some, I still miss swimming in the winter. My options are limited to joining a local club and swimming in a pool that is kept as hot as a bathtub or joining a masters swim club and freezing in the locker rooms of Memorial Park or Nevada Union High School. I am neither a master swimmer nor a high school student; I am a senior citizen who would like to change in a warm and comfortable space and swim in a heated but not overheated, pool — a pool that is protected somewhat from rain, snow and freezing temperatures and is available for more than one to two hours a day would be ideal.

For this reason, I'd like to propose to both the county of Nevada and the cities of Nevada City and Grass Valley that we build, or better yet, make improvements to one of our existing public pools to afford members of the community an adequate winter swimming environment. I am not suggesting a $7.2 million aquatic center, as proposed for Truckee, but rather modest improvements to a facility that already exists and sits vacant more of the year than it is open.

I truly believe that having a public pool to enjoy year-round would be a wonderful asset to our otherwise great community. It is an attainable goal. Let's get started. Call 530-265-2012 or email me at

Catherine Allen

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