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Nevada County Libertarian Party looks ahead

Thanks to Nevada County Supervisor Terry Lamphier for speaking at our December 2013 luncheon, as well as the many visitors who made it a great turnout! I'm endorsing Terry to be re-elected due to being fiscally responsible and willing to work with all parties.

A long-overdue thanks to Chair Patricia Smith and the members of Nevada County Americans for Safe Access for helping us get more than 1 percent of registered voters of Nevada County. Congrats for their initiative making this year's ballot.

Our last luncheon, Jan. 3, included our first annual elections for party offices. Thanks to the faithful members for attending and voting unanimously for each office.

Congrats to Donn Coenen, chair (re-elected); Jedediah Biagi, vice chair (candidate for District 4 Nevada County board of supervisors); Gary Bryant, secretary (former vice chair); and Arnold Adicoff, treasurer (re-elected).

Due to personal reasons, I have decided to step down. I'll still be involved and do local activism. It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve our party and local community groups. Thanks to all for attending our luncheons, seeing us at county fair, to groups for appreciating us (mainly NCASA) and to those who are registered Libertarian!

Gary Bryant


Nevada County Libertarian Party