Movie theater needs to rethink box office times |

Movie theater needs to rethink box office times

A friend and I went to the Sutton theater to see the film "The Butler." We were there 30 minutes early, but the box office did not open until 15 minutes before the movie started. The line was very long, mainly with senior citizens who were also early, but there was only one person taking money, and it was very slow.

Needless to say, the movie started before everyone could get in and find a seat. We watched many people struggle to find their seats in the dark. I spoke to the manager about this issue, and he responded that they had opened at the earliest possible time. Period. I could not believe what I was hearing. My feeling is that for popular, just-released movies, a time change to allow for long lines would be appropriate. If not, patrons will suffer, and it sets the theater up for a possible slip-and-fall-in-the-dark lawsuit.

Also, the theater can sell more overpriced popcorn and drinks if there is enough time before a movie starts.

Pat Davis

Grass Valley

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