Mourn for Mandela? |

Mourn for Mandela?

The president has dishonored our country by ordering flags to be flown at half staff in "respect" to the memory of Nelson Mandela, whose "virtues" are largely a myth. This is an unusual order being that it is for a once foreign leader. But one for this man is an atrocious move.

Although he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from both Truman and Bush, Mandela did nothing for this country but instead was a severe critic of the U.S. (Ref: Joseph Farah, "The Real Mandela in his Own Words") Further, as a leader in the South African Communist Party, he participated in armed violence against his own country, resulting in his incarceration for treason. (Ref: Cliff Kincaid, "Comrade Mandela's Secret Life") And this is a man deserving of our respect? (Ref: Joseph Farah, "Don't Mourn for Mandela") His claim to fame came from negotiating with then president of South Africa, F.W. de Klerk, to eliminate apartheid, which was an admirable cause for the blacks there, not here.

Perhaps from this order, Obama and Mandela have subtly more in common than we would like to believe.

Ed Westervelt

Nevada City

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