More restrictions needed on gun ownership |

More restrictions needed on gun ownership

The Naval yard shooting is but another contagion of raw violence in our country. Congress and the federal government talk about clamping down on background checks for security clearance and government work, but nothing about a universal background check for owning a firearm.

The man who did this was out of touch with reality with recent police contact, yet he still was able to walk in and buy a shotgun. It is not a question of "us" being armed. He entered a facility with armed guards and equivalent to TSA at airports. He shot a guard and confiscated an extra gun.

Gun advocates do not want restrictions placed on gun ownership. Their organizations fight background checks and lobby for "right to carry," yet ironically, at their own gun shows, they post signs that say "it is illegal to carry a loaded fire arm into this venue." At their own gun shows, you cannot carry a loaded weapon!

No other country in the world has the level of gun violence we do. I know personally, as several years back my brother-in-law was shot to death right in his work office by a recently fired employee.

Dean Olson

Nevada City

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