More parking cooperation needed in downtown Grass Valley |

More parking cooperation needed in downtown Grass Valley

I am writing in regard to the article about keeping retail dollars in Grass Valley. I love to shop in Grass Valley, especially shops on Mill Street and surrounding areas, but the parking is very limited.

A couple of years ago, I parked in the Bank of America parking lot. Nothing else was available on a Sunday, and when I returned to my car, there was a notice that my license plate had been "recorded," and if I ever parked in their lot again, I would get a ticket. The bank was closed!

Why doesn't the city talk to the three or four banks that are in that area and get an understanding that their parking lots could be used by anyone when the banks are closed. I understand that only bank customers should park in the lots when the banks are open, but come on — when they are closed? Now I will circle the block once or twice, and if I do not find a space, I go south.

Also, what does Target have that Kmart doesn't? Not a thing! I never buy clothes at Target because the selection is terrible, and they are cheaply made. Penney's is OK, but the selection is not great. I always try to buy locally, but if I happen to be "down the hill" for reasons other than shopping, I will stop at Walmart or Whole Foods just because they can be cheaper but only if I am already down there due to the price of gas.

Sally Truscott

Grass Valley

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