Mitt: Send FEMA back to the states? Really? |

Mitt: Send FEMA back to the states? Really?

While President Obama worked with governors of the states hit by Hurricane Sandy, including Republican Gov. Christie of New Jersey, who lauded the president's leadership through the crisis as "outstanding," Gov. Romney loaded cans of beans headed for New Jersey while his campaign video played on a screen behind him.

Willard Mitt Romney once again simply refused to answer questions posed to him 11 times from reporters regarding his position on sending FEMA responsibilities back to individual states or privatizing aid for profit. I think the voters in the states of Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York might want to know the answer to that question before they vote … or maybe they know the governor's position on any given topic on any given day isn't worth a can of beans.

Romney wants more tax cuts for the very people who have benefited the most from tax cuts and the economic growth. President Obama believes that education, hard work and an equal playing field works for middle class families in this nation. It worked for him.

President Obama will win the support of the American people once again this November because he has led us through the most devastating economic challenge in our lifetime. And most Americans believe in pulling together, in the common good, and in Almighty God, not just the Almighty dollar.

Cheryl Cook

Nevada City

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