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Mission accomplished

My mission in writing a controversial article is being accomplished. Discussion is progressing about it. I am enjoying corresponding with Rabbi Greenbaum and am pleased that we both agree that the settlements in Palestine are wrong and not the answer to a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian problem.

I wish the Rabbi well on guiding a group to tour Israel and hope that he brings our community positive news of Palestinians and Israelis working together to solve their own problems. I would like to see a one-state solution, where the name of the country is changed to Israel-Palestine, and Palestinians and other non-Jews receive equal rights under the laws of that state.

It is always difficult to preserve one's own identity and yet be fair to others. Yet that is what we all must do in order for people to live in harmony. I urge all people to watch the movie "Ghandi" by Richard Attenbourgh to see how non-violence can accomplish more than war. I urge the international community to keep on helping the Palestinian non-violent peace demonstrations so that the world will help Israel-Palestine to be a united country, advocating equal rights for all.

I believe that people should solve their own problems and that they do not need a "world court" or other nations in the United Nations deciding what individual countries should do to solve their own problems.

Elise Hougesen

Grass Valley

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