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Misinformation from former Consolidated HR director

In article dated June 11, "Former HR director, firefighters square off," Lisa LaBarbera was caught taking pictures of two firefighters' trucks in The Union parking lot. This is illegal. Why did Lisa take those pictures, and what does she plan to do with them?

In response to LaBarbera's less-than-accurate statement, "Grueneberg had way less experience of this district than the current chief at that time …": The fact is Keith Grueneberg is one of the founding fire chiefs who created Nevada County Consolidated Fire Department. He has more knowledge and experience than she thinks. Try 38 years!

In a June 6 article, she stated, "… NCCFD Local 3800 union firefighters and the public were upset with the former fire chief severance package …" The truth is the firefighters were upset and the public would be, too, had the public known why the former fire chief had to retire — because he assaulted an employee — yet the board paid him $56,000-plus severance package over and above what was legally due him. He should have been fired!

Mandy McLloyd

Nevada City

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