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Michael Segor: Trump — stop wrestling with media personalities

Michele Spencer's op-ed, "National security implications of global climate change" (July 4) reminds me of Richard Clarke, the former national security advisor who tried hard to get the newly installed Bush administration to worry more about Al Qaida and less about Iraq. His message failed to get through in time to head off the 9/11 attacks.

Ever the optimist, Clarke is now urging the Trump Administration to spend more time dealing with climate change and less time wrestling with media personalities.

He says that climate change is hitting the world's desert regions the hardest. Record-breaking drought in Syria drove a million farmers from their land, pushing climate refugees into camps already filled with Iraqi war refugees. As the Assad regime lost control, the chaos made it easy for ISIS to recruit.

If our soldiers are still being sent to the Middle East in future decades, they will be trying to function in 125-degree summer heat, dealing with much larger displaced populations and propping up more failed states unable to feed their people.

Let's pray that Richard Clarke and his fellow national security professionals are successful in pointing President Trump's head in the right direction before it's too late.

Michael Segor

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