McClintock not unlike a snake oil salesman |

McClintock not unlike a snake oil salesman

I listened to Congressman McClintock's Town Hall phone meeting on Dec. 2.

I found our representative to be something of a snake oil salesman, not because our opinions differ, but because he distorts the truth to the people who are already on his side.

He said America had the best and most affordable health care the world has ever seen (Affordable? Really?); that Republicans have a plan that the media is unwilling to disclose (insurance sold across state lines is not a plan); that Obama's unconstitutional overreach can be stopped by the people (hyperbole for a law passed by both houses of Congress and upheld by the Supreme Court).

Now I get that some feel the Affordable Care Act is destructive and want it repealed. However, when McClintock votes more than 40 times for repeal and then blames the Senate for not taking up the bill, then he's selling snake oil as medicine.

One thing I heard for sure, people were tired of waiting for McClintock's snake oil remedy to work. Perhaps this is why Congress has single digit approval ratings.

P.S. Tom, your HR 807 is bunk too.

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