Marijuana more than a ‘harmless herb’ |

Marijuana more than a ‘harmless herb’

Patricia Smith says that smoking marijuana is no more harmful than eating peanuts!

Now, Jayne Nordstrum writes that the worst effect of smoking marijuana is getting the "munchies."

Misleading and absurd!

No matter how often they proclaim that marijuana is simply a harmless herb and unequaled pain reliever, we all know that the vast majority of users are simply looking for a high (as with any drug) … or an everyday "low" to enable them to sit on their couch, draw their welfare checks and contribute nothing to society.

Think about the millions who have died (or been killed by drunk drivers) since alcohol was made legal. Why legalize yet another intoxicant and make it more available to our children? It's very hard to understand people fighting to legalize another destructive substance. It's obscene and very sad.

In the same edition of The Union newspaper, where Jayne Nordstrum makes her proclamation, six high school students were arrested for selling drugs on campus. Among those drugs named was marijuana! Harmless herb?

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The tax proposed on legalizing marijuana will not save our state from bankruptcy. Until we all concentrate on far, far more important issues (rather than pushing drugs or promoting gay marriage), we are all deep in you know what!

Joanne Crouch

Grass Valley

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