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Malfunction junction

Caltrans owes the family of the man hit at the junction of highway 49 and La Barr Meadows on Tuesday, the 16th, an explanation and an apology given with bowed head on bended knee. I do not imagine that this intersection was ever meant to include a cross walk. Indeed, the man should not have tried to cross on foot. Would he have been any safer crossing in a car? The intersection was put in place ostensibly to make vehicle access to the highway safer. This is not what has happened. As a resident in this area I have been forced to try to enter the flow of traffic at this junction; it is anything but safe. Residents in this area knew it was only a matter of time before someone was killed. Now it has happened. Caltrans… please explain to the family of this man and to the residents of Grass Valley why the traffic lights have not been enabled.

Rob Austin

Grass Valley

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