Mack won’t uphold the law? |

Mack won’t uphold the law?

I thought police officers were sworn to uphold the law. Well, that was the case until I read The Union's report a few weeks back on Sheriff Mack's speech in Grass Valley.

It seems that Mr. Mack reserves the right to pick and choose laws he will enforce. If he thinks laws have gone too far or the government is guilty of "overreach," he gets to apply his own interpretation.

My understanding of civics is that it's the judiciary that "interprets" law, not publicly hired members of the law enforcement community. To suggest otherwise is to say that the public can't trust law enforcement to enforce our laws equally and to the best of its ability. Where are the penal code citations that support Mr. Mack's view?

Other police officers who share his view and publicly question laws that run counter to their own politics should step aside. Otherwise, they risk being seen as openly corrupt and in violation of their oaths.

Kent Rees

Nevada City

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