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Lowe sinks lower

The typical response of the liberal denied … the "dog eared" race card gets played.

Ron Lowe, your desperation is showing. You see your president causing chaos and panic with millions losing health-care coverage due to Obamacare, and your misguided attitudes require that you throw out the old mantra that the Tea Party is racist when that claim has been without merit for five years. There is not, and never has been, a shred of truth about racism in the Tea Party.

No one believes it. No one has ever proven it. Get over it and consider coming to grips with the facts. Obama is the most blatant, disrespected liar in recent history. He strives to force his progressive agenda around the neck of all Americans, and he doesn't have to be black to do that. He could be white — or how would you like purple? We don't care!

Again, the Tea Party stands for limited government, fiscal responsibility and respect for the Constitution. Love of country will rule out. Challenge the Tea Party and we will accept it. "Tea Party Strong" and getting stronger. America demands it. America deserves it.

Donna Burley

Grass Valley

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