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Look for the truth

As an American, you should be interested in the murder of the four government employees in Benghazi. I realize Fox News is the evil station to a few radical lefties, but Sean Hannity, on Fox, has a very informative show about Benghazi.

Fox has actual footage showing the attacks on our embassy. One of the Navy Seals called for help three times to the White House. He was advised to stand down (don't help). He refused to follow orders saving 12 people from certain death before his own death. Possibly, Obama didn't know about these requests, but someone in the White House did know.

Are these the type of people we want defending and defining our country? We all need to be very concerned about this. Obama has been pushing for everyone to vote early, possibly before NBC, ABC, CBS, etc. begin covering this situation. Obama's Democrat party is not the Democrat party of our parents and grandparents. The survival of this country depends on your vote.


Cedar Ridge

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