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Local restaurants need to clean up their act

It was an eye-opener watching our Holbrooke Hotel here in Grass Valley being featured on the show "Hotel Impossible."

Ian, the owner, got quite a scolding as his hotel was filthy. I do hope Ian can take the host's (Anthony's) advice. It was hard hearing the news that the hotel was in disrepair.

Last year, when I was there in the saloon/bar, I saw the owner sitting at the bar and laughing it up with friends. I hear he also bartended and played in the band two nights a week, yet he let his hotel get in disarray.

Stained patio chairs and stained pillows, etc. Hope this scared the other inn keepers — they need to be clean — that is a priority!

Imagine — the owner was in real estate and apparently knew nothing about the restaurant/food or hotel business.

One popular restaurant with a patio has bushes that are running over the sidewalk, and the patio has dead flowers and cracked flower pots, etc. I wonder now what the kitchen looks like?

All we can hope for is for owners to get with the program!

Miriam Hoiem

Grass Valley