Linda Jack: Congrats to The Union on ‘Trailblazing Women’ |

Linda Jack: Congrats to The Union on ‘Trailblazing Women’

The Union's documentary, "Golden Stories of Our Past, Trailblazing Women" attests women played an enormously important role in Nevada County, but are often overlooked in the stories we tell. Congratulations on recognizing that gap in our storytelling and helping to bridge it with your fine new film. I know the final product represented an enormous amount of work, not the least of your challenges rounding up enough volunteers to contribute. Bravo!

One of the factors that helped me reach my decision to relocate from the Bay Area to Grass Valley in 2011 was the existence of The Union. In the year prior to my retirement from Stanford University, I used the website on a weekly basis as source of information about the people and institutions in the community. As a fan of history myself one of things that sold me on Nevada County was the seamless way in which the past and present come together in the community, most especially in the way those stories are told in The Union.

I have lived in a number of communities where my local newspaper has atrophied and died, and always felt that loss keenly. I suspect that longtime residents who take this daily newspaper for granted would be shocked if it were to disappear, and only then know what a wonderful resource they had.

I know it is a struggle for any daily newspaper to survive in the digital age, but hope The Union finds ways to adapt and thrive.

I also hope that your sold out premier of Trailblazing Women bodes well for its success, and that your video storytelling program continues.

Linda Jack

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