Limited foreign language options cut at Nevada Union |

Limited foreign language options cut at Nevada Union

I am writing regarding the language options being offered at Nevada Union High School next year (2013-14). As a parent of an incoming freshman, I am quite concerned to hear that NU will no longer be offering entry-level German or French. Two years of a language is required for nearly all four-year colleges.

It has also come to my attention that, of the incoming freshman, more than 50 students requested German, and more than 30 students requested French. Yet, they insist on cutting these programs and only allow Spanish to be taught to our kids. What this says is that even though nearly 20 percent of their incoming population has expressed an interested in taking a language other than Spanish, they are ignoring what their community is calling for and choosing to do whatever they want.

"Lack of funds" is no excuse. They offer multiple art, dance and music courses (just to name a few), and those classes are merely electives. Considering that two years of a language is an academic college requirement, it seems absurd that Nevada Union would only offer one language option. Does this mean NU has decided that preparing our students for college should be left up to other area high schools?

It is no wonder that Nevada Union is losing enrollment each year to other high schools in the area. If NU continues to cut back on academic programs like languages and offers no options for our incoming students, I too may decide to take my tax dollars elsewhere.

Suzanne Hardin

Nevada City

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