Lighten up, it’s high school football |

Lighten up, it’s high school football

Jim Black's Other Voices piece ("Nevada Union football coach should resign") assigns way too much ability to coaches to determine the success of teams.

In Black's telling, you would think the Miners fell off a cliff the minute Dennis Houlihan replaced Dave Humphers as head coach. In fact, the Miners were a mediocre 16-16 the last three years Humphers coached the team. A cynic might suggest he saw what was in the pipeline and decided it was a good time to retire.

Public school coaches have to make do with the players they have — they can't recruit players or sign free agents. Talent ebbs and flows, and when it ebbs, things can get ugly.

NU has been in a rough stretch since it joined the Sierra Foothill League and, with steadily declining enrollment, may find it increasingly difficult to field competitive teams. Things might get so bad, they'll have to play Bear River!

Houlihan's second major sin appears to be that he yells at his players. That will come as a shock to anybody who's ever played football.

I don't know Dennis Houlihan, have no connection to NU and don't lose sleep if they lose a game. These are kids playing a game, and people like Black need to lighten up.

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