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Lift fireworks ban, no new taxes

Grass Valley wants us to pass a sales tax increase this November. Has the city council done all it can to increase revenue without raising taxes?

The council passed a ban on fireworks several years ago when the budget when is good shape. I have asked the council several times do a cost analyst or repeal this ban with no response from them. Now they want my vote on a tax increase. I participated in the decision making process leading up to the ban. We have had very few problems from fireworks here in the city, the ban is really for the areas that don't allow fireworks and the idiots setting them off illegally.

Instead of the county addressing the problem the council choose to punish the law abiding citizens of Grass Valley. Maybe the city council should ask the county supervisors to pass a ban on debris burning? If you asked Police Chief Foster which is more of a problem on the fourth, alcohol or fireworks I bet the answer would be booze.

Yes it is fire season, thanks. Give our city the revenue and our nonprofits the money from selling fireworks and repeal the ban on fireworks.

Gary Smith

Grass Valley