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Let’s make some noise

Do you suppose we have one representative brave enough to suggest that we get the health insurance companies out of the Medicare equation? They provide no medical help; they reap enormous profits by gambling that we will stay well while we gamble that we will get sick. We could better use that money to fund Medicare. We could also use it to pay for doctors' malpractice insurance.

Maybe we could find another representative to call a halt to the $3 billion plus military aid that we send to Israel. It has never been a Third World country, and it probably has no homeless or unemployment problems, unlike America. Since Israel insisted on having land in the Middle East (two offers in Africa and South America were rejected), it will have to deal with its problems there. And after 55-plus years, the country really doesn't need our financial aid. I suspect no one listens to the American public unless the demand becomes clamorous. Can we start a loud noise?

Mary Lu Leon

Grass Valley

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